Special Coatings

BPS can take your worn out pump/parts and in most cases, remanufacture to high performance once again! You can see the cavitation damage has been completely restored in the blue area.

Tsurumi Pump, LH Series

Tsurumi Pump, LH Series, for those extreme high head applications in harsh environments. 600-GPM @ 550’ TDH

BPS Remanufacturing

BPS Remanufacturing is the total package. The Motor Shop took this 460-V stator and turned this submersible pump into a 1000V water pumping machine @ 1-Million GPD!

Stancor MSHA Pumps

Stancor MSHA (mine explosion-proof) Pumps have what it takes to get the job done of #movingwater in a gassy environment in underground applications.

Vertical Turbine Pump 600-HP

Vertical Turbine Pump 600-HP mounted on a floating structure for dewatering. NPC has high standards of quality and customer service. Call BPS for your VTP solution.

Pump Pontoon

Manufactured from all aluminum with stainless-steel hardware components.  The grate flooring is 1 x 3 serrated and is complete with toe-plate and polyethylene, foam-filled floats.  This pontoon also features eyelets in the corners for easy mooring and a modular design for simplicity in buoyancy selection for any size pump.  With the corrosion-resistant and much lighter […]