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Mike French

What is your job title?

Procurement Specialist

How long have you worked for BPS?

23 Years

Favorite part of the job?

Learning something new every day. I work with a good crew.

Something interesting about your job?

Always learning, challenging, stressful

Favorite movie?

Top Gun

Who inspires you?

My Grandson and family

Favorite meal?

Have to say yaki, shrimp and chicken, but soup beans and corn bread with fried potatoes are hard to beat.

Favorite past time or hobby?

Traveling, fishing, riding my bike and spending time with my little guy Konner.

Three words to describe you?

According to everyone there are only 2 words, “Grumpy Cat”, but that’s just me.

Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I am very soft hearted, will cry watching TV shows, especially military reunions with family.