Call and speak to a human 🙂

Nick Wheeler

What is your job title?


How long have you worked for BPS?

9 years

Favorite part of the job?

Building. Customizing control boxes & troubleshooting.

Something interesting about your job?

The many ways to turn pumps on.

Favorite movie?

John Wick

Who inspires you?


Favorite meal?

Steak hoagie & fries

Favorite past time or hobby?

Playing guitar

Three words to describe you?

Funny, big heart, thinker

Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about you?

How I got my nickname (Slappy)

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Pump Pontoon

Manufactured from all aluminum with stainless-steel hardware components.  The grate flooring is 1 x 3 serrated and is complete with toe-plate and polyethylene, foam-filled floats.